A designated general aviation relief airport, Teterboro is popular for private and corporate aircraft removal from regional air traffic to prevent major air traffic congestion. NYNJ will happily pick you up or take you to your hangar as needed.

  • JFK

    There’s nothing worse than enduring a long flight and landing at JFK Airport only to wait in their notoriously long taxi line. Make sure NYNJ is there to pick you up when you land.


    Don’t risk missing your flight or running late for an important appointment. NYNJ is ready 24/7 to conveniently and comfortably transport you to LaGuardia Airport and get you to your destination on time.


    Flying is stressful. You have to worry about your luggage, boarding pass, and security among other things. Let NYNJ take one extra item off of your checklist by picking you up or taking you to EWR Airport.


    Instead of planning your schedule around a train schedule and lugging your heavy bags onto the LIRR, let NYNJ conveniently and comfortably transport you to or from MacArthur Airport.


    It can be tough to hail a cab to and from the Westchester Airport, where only 55 flights take off each day. Instead, let NYNJ pick you up or drop you off and conveniently and comfortably get you to your destination on time.

Airport Service

NYNJ Car Service is the exclusive ground transportation provider for Teterboro Airport. With offices located right within the airport facility, we can pick you up from your plane with a zero response time. Our chauffeurs utilize Port Authority PD issued Teterboro Airport badges.

We pride ourselves on airport service provided to busy corporate executives and leisure clients to make their trips more productive and enjoyable.

Ride comfortably in the care of the most professional chauffeurs in the industry. Our chauffeurs are trained to maintain intimate familiarity with the layout, logistical details and surrounding traffic patterns of the airports they serve. Additionally, they remain in constant cell phone and two-way radio contact - ensuring that your vehicle is where you need it, when you need it.

We monitor all commercial flights-whether your flight is two hours delayed or 30 minutes early, you can count on our professionals to be there when you arrive.

  • Cadillac XTS
    Cadillac XTS
     3 Pax   4 Bags
  • Chevy Suburban
    Chevy Suburban
     5 Pax   4 Bags
  • Ford Econoline
    Ford Econoline
     10-13 Pax   5-8 Bags
  • GMC Yukon
    GMC Yukon
     5 Pax   4 Bags
  • Lincoln MKT
    Lincoln MKT
     4 Pax   4 Bags
  • Mercedes-Benz S550
    Mercedes-Benz S550
     3 Pax   4 Bags
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
    Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
     8 Pax   6 Bags
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